About This Blog

September 2021

Dear Mammas, Dear Everyone, who is interested,

this Blog is for you. I want to share the knowledge I accumulated with you, so that you can live your best life (in spite of motherhood). Motherhood might be the best thing, that ever happened to you or it might currently feel like you are living a nightmare. You might love it sometimes and other times you might feel like packing your things and going on vacation for a month. All your feelings are valid. Motherhood can be tough. We have to juggle so many responsibilities at once. We might face problems, we never thought we would encounter in our lives. So, we have to be resilient as mothers. And we have to take good care of ourselves. And we must under no circumstances forget to take care of our own needs. We need to make sure that we are okay, so that we can do the best job for our kids. This blog aims to guide you through a „Glow Up Journey“ so that you can „glow up“ from the inside out, feel your best and be your best.

And most of all I aim to help you not lose or gain back that inner and outer „GLOW“.

Because it can get lost so easily throughout motherhood.

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